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VESTA Website

Web Development & Project Management

Helped to direct a complete overhaul of VESTA into a virtual reality social network for WebVR creators.

VESTA Interface & Design

UI/UX Design

Interface for interacting with VESTA content from desktop and phone web browsers, as well as other graphics and branding work.


JanusVR Interface

UI/UX Design

Design and execution of the JanusVR User Interface and User Experience for desktop computers.

JanusVR Website

Web Development

JanusVR website and documentation center, as well as a system for easily embedding JanusVR webspaces in websites.

JanusVR 3D Interface

3D Modelling & Art Direction

Work on designing JanusVR's Welcome Lobby, as well as work on JanusVR's 'PocketSpace' interface.

JanusVR Design & Concepts

Graphic & Concept Design

Assets, logos and other design related elements created for JanusVR Inc. and their virtual reality web browser.

University Coursework

Graphic Design

Various design pieces I worked on at CSU.

Illustration & Photography

Various pictures and photos I worked on at CSU.

Web Design

Web design projects I worked on at CSU.

BattleSpace Simulations Inc.

A.R.M.O.R. Branding

Graphic Design

Various branding related materials for BSI's Augmented Reality Mission Observation and Rehearsal software.