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The Dot Matrix

Virtual Reality Gaming Club

The Dot Matrix is a gameboy inspired social club I created for JanusVR back in 2014. It started from a few simple rooms as part of a narrative I called "Pixel Island".

Word got out, people started visiting and The Dot Matrix began to grow to a size I never thought it would.

HellSpawned Zero

Indie Game in Development

HellSpawned is a project I started back in 2013 and am currently looking into revisiting. Its creation was my first serious foyer into making a narrative driven RPG.

Its Gameboy style graphics compliment the simple story: You've woken up on a beach in a mysterious world without much a clue as to how you got there.

The Wikiverse

Creation Community

The Wikiverse grew out of one question: "What if people could edit WebVR spaces together in a wiki-style format?"

By utilizing JanusVR and MediaWiki technology I crafted the Wikiverse, where users could come together and collaboratively write JanusVR markup.

This was also the birthplace of the "sushi train", the concept of using scrolling portals to showcase a variety of webspaces in a confined area.

JanusVR Through the Ages

Archives from the Way-Back

JanusVR through the ages is a collection of some of JanusVR's most important and interesting moments.

I started keeping this gallery back in the early days of JanusVR in hopes that I'd be able to store all the cool adventures we had together.