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VESTA Redesign

Web Development and Project Management

Complete overhaul of VESTA as a file sharing website into a virtual reality social network for WebVR creators.

VESTA Widget Interface & Misc. Graphic Design

UI/UX Development and Design

Interface for interacting with VESTA content from desktop and phone web browsers, as well as other graphics and branding work.


JanusVR User Interface

UI/UX Development and Design

Design and implementation of a UI/UX suite for JanusVR on desktop computers.

JanusVR Website & Widget System

Web Development

JanusVR website and documentation center, as well as a system for easily embedding JanusVR webspaces in websites.

JanusVR Lobby & PocketSpace

3D Modelling & Art Direction

Various implementations of the JanusVR lobby space, as well as the UI/UX for JanusVR's 'PocketSpace' interface.

JanusVR Graphic Development & Conceptual Design


Assets, logos and other design related elements created for JanusVR Inc. and their virtual reality web browser.

BattleSpace Simulations Inc.

A.R.M.O.R. Branding

Graphic Design

Various branding related materials for BSI's Augmented Reality Mission Observation and Rehearsal software.